Fishing rules

Fishing rules:


  1. Fishing at the Large pond — April-September from 6:00 a.m. to 9 p.m. Recreational fishing at the small ponds — from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  2. Everyone intending to fish must purchase a permission from the employee administering the pond.
  3. Underaged fishermen must be supervised by an adult person.
  4. One fisherman can use no more than two fishing rods (float or bottom rods). Each of the rods should have only one hook. The number of spare rods is unlimited, but one fisherman can have only two casted rods.If you wish to use more than two rods, a fee for each additional rod is 8.00 EUR.
  5. Fishermen can use only natural lures and baits.
  6. Each fisherman can freely choose their area for fishing, except for the southern part of the Large pond.
  7. The catch should be kept in a mesh bag immersed into the water of the pond.
  8. Releasing the catch into the pond is strictly forbidden! Fine 15.00 EUR.
  9. Each fisherman fishing in the Large pond can take away no more than 10 kg of their catch. On Mondays — 7 kg. A fee for each additional kilo — 4 EUR.
  10. After finishing fishing all fishermen must leave their fishing area as they found it.
  11. Upon finishing fishing, all fishermen must call for the pond's administrator to weigh the catch and inspect the fishing area. (Phone: +370 608 46802 or +370 650 77437)
  12. Fishing with a net is forbidden.
  13. Bonfires are forbidden (please use a portable grill).
  14. All cars should be parked in the parking lot outside the restaurant.
  15. Fishermen fishing at Karpynė homestead should use restrooms. Available restrooms: near the outdoor smoking area, the Barn (enter only the front door), outdoor WC near the Fishermen's island.
  16. In case of a suspicion of illegal appropriation of fish, we reserve the right to check the fishermen's transport, backpacks, etc. in presence of a security guard or a police officer.
  17. All cases of theft will be publicised.
  18. It is forbidden to give the fishing permission to another person or sell the catch.